How to Plan and Activate an Experiential Marketing Tour at Schools

  1. Blog - How to Plan a Tour at SchoolsPLAN, PLAN, PLAN: Coordinating events at schools takes more time, coordination, logistics and patience than a normal tour stop for a mobile marketing tour.
  2. HAVE ONE MAIN CONTACT: Usually the Principal is the best contact. You can quickly get an answer from the main decision maker and then he or she will have ownership in your program.
  3. SEND THEM LOTS OF INFORMATION ABOUT THE TOUR: Have a packet of information prepared to email with all of the details of the program including what you expect from them.
  4. CONFIRM EVERYTHING MULTIPLE TIMES: 3 weeks out, 2 weeks out, 1 week out and a few days before arrival.
  5. TEACHERS LOVE IT WHEN YOU PROVIDE CURRICULUM: Have an on-line curriculum developed so teachers can use it as part of their lesson plan prior to your arrival.
  6. ATTENTION SPANS VARY BASED ON AGE GROUPS: Be sure to have variety in your elements and build the activity so kids can interact individually and with others.
  7. MAKE THE INTERACTION FUN AND EXPERIENTIAL: Lots of hands on engagements/not a lot of reading, book work or activities that feel like school work. Kids love to learn experientially because they don’t realize they are learning.
  8. GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO REMEMBER THEIR VISIT: Give the schools and the kids something to remember their experience. Schools like things they can display or hang on the walls, kids like pictures of themselves interacting with the displays and premiums they can use every day (water bottles, t-shirts, etc), parents like to see takeaways the kids developed during the tour stop so they can re-live the day with their children once they get home.
  9. SEND A THANKYOU NOTE: After a great event, remind the school you appreciate them allowing you to bring your tour to their school.
  10. HAVE FUN!