How to Choose Your Experiential Marketing Partner

So, you and your marketing team have decided to partner with an experiential marketing agency.  Key PeopleSo now what?  How do you find the right partner to work with?  Do you have to do an RFP?  We say no!  Can you do research online, make phone calls and have conversations to find the best partner?  We say yes!  Does that sound self-serving?  We say no!  With a little education and the right process, you can find the best experiential marketing partner without going through the long and expensive process of a RFP.


  • Referrals
    • Ask your marketing counterparts in your office, your peers, your friends…who do they know?  Do they work with an experiential marketing agency?  Who is it? Why do they partner with them?  Referrals are one of the best ways to get recommendations.
  • Research
    • Using good keywords in your internet search can yield a list of agencies to review online.  What type of experiential marketing services are you looking for?  What type of partner will be able to provide solutions to your marketing pain?  Here are some keyword examples:
      • Experiential Marketing Agency
      • Street teams
      • Mobile vehicle tours
      • B2B Tours
      • Guerilla marketing
      • Mobile trade show tours
      • Beverage sampling
      • Retail sampling
  • Website review
    • Now that you have a list of 3-5 agencies, check out their websites.  Do you understand the services the agency provides?   Are they experts?  Do they provide turnkey services from concept to wrap-up?  Are they thought leaders in the industry?
  • Pick up the phone
    • Call the agency.  Talk to someone in business development or account service.  How comfortable does this person make you feel?   Are they asking high level questions?  Are you doing most of the talking?  Do their capabilities match what you are looking for in an agency?

You have asked for referrals, done the research, and made the phone calls….your next decision is choosing the right agency.   Give us a call, we can be your “easy” button and help you develop, produce, and activate your next experiential marketing program that will provide the results you want!