How to Build a 3-Dimensional Brand: It Starts With Who

Think about your business from the customer’s perspective for a moment. Is your brand two-dimensional or a 3-dimensional brand?

The difference is subtle, but crucial: a two-dimensional brand is nothing more than a logo slapped on a sign. A three-dimensional brand is something far more interactive; it’s something that you see not only on a sign, but also in the real world.

Getting your brand to become a three-dimensional experience rather than an interesting logo means you’ll have to engage your customers. It also requires a major shift in attitude—and this is a shift that starts with you.

Changing Your Attitude About Branding

As someone with a brand to maintain, you likely think about your business’ reputation on a regular basis. That’s a good thing. But try to think about your business from the customer’s point of view; are you an active part of their lives in some way, or are you simply another listing in Google—or the Yellow Pages?

This difference in attitude can make the difference in how your brand is perceived. Let’s learn how to go about creating a 3-dimensional company.

Learning to Deliver a Personal Brand Experience

You can make your brand more personal to your customers by getting interactive with them. Don’t just try to sell them products; give them samples. Don’t just ask them to click your links; give them a contest to enter. Give them value in your brand interactions and advertisements and they’re far more likely to make your advertisements a part of their life.

You can also get even more personal, hiring a tour bus to serve as a mobile trade show for in-person customer experience or by hiring Brand Representatives to distribute product samples.

Who is 3-dimensional branding about? Sure, it’s about you and how you run your business. But ultimately who determines your brand’s success will be the customer. Give them a real experience and they’ll start asking for more.