Hiring a B2B Marketing Agency Makes Your Brand Look Better

“As with any marketing and sales mix, your experiential efforts should be aimed at lead generation and supporting your brand—or more specifically, making and leaving a lasting impression with everyone you interact with.” (Skyword.com)

Whether you have a new offering to bring to market or want to revive and revamp an old image, you should be considering dipping the toes of your B2B brand into the pool of experiential marketing. We know that many businesses rely on chain decisions through multiple people and permission levels, and that it’s a more complicated process than a typical B2C consumer who might rely on emotional appeals to make their personal purchasing decisions. But B2B customers are people too, and they like to have unique and memorable experiences!

So what can an experiential marketing agency do for your B2B brand? Well, most obviously, we can put your offering in the hands of your target consumers through a mobile marketing tour! A tour is a great way to boost sales through hands-on experiences with your product. An agency will be responsible for all the logistics and details to make the tour come to life, as well as reporting the impressions and data at the end.

Here’s a few other reasons your B2B brand should be using an experiential marketing agency…

Stand out from a crowd of competitorsuntitled

When you pull up to the business in your mobile marketing vehicle, you have 100% focus on your brand without a competitor in sight. That’s a lot better than your average trade show.

By taking the vehicle directly to your potential client’s location, you’re actually using your own time more efficiently than a tradeshow, where you might have to pitch many people who are not as interested or invested in your brand or simply don’t have the decision-making power.

Entice the decision-makerspicture clipping 12

The vehicle tour in the parking lot may attract senior level decision-makers—who might not normally attend tradeshows—to take a minute and come experience your products.

Reaching key decision makers on their own time will earn you more meetings and sales by showing you value your client’s time.

Make sure they remember youhussmann vr

Pull up in a uniquely branded vehicle filled with surprising interactions for your potential clients.

After a soft sell and informative interaction on the vehicle, be sure to leave your clients with a fun and useful premium to take away from the experience, which will keep your brand on their mind after the event ends.This is something tangible they would not get from an email or a phone call!   

An experiential marketing program can help your B2B company boost brand awareness and create authentic and memorable experiences. Using an experiential marketing agency, like Pro Motion, ensures the program goes off without a hitch and drives successful results.