Great Locations Are Key To Field Marketing Success

Blog - Location, Location, LocationLocation, Location, Location!  Yes, it’s even true in field marketing.  Without the right location, the program is less effective.  After you have the right brand, the right brand ambassadors, and the right game plan for engaging the right consumers, choosing the right venue is the final vital step in planning a successful face-to-face brand experience. After all, what good is all the hard work and preparation if you’re not in the right place at the right time with your message?

Obviously there are many variables to consider as you decide when and where to take your brand. Who’s your target audience? What kind of environment does your experience call for? What time of year do you want to activate? In which markets do you want to reach consumers? What does your budget look like?

Answer those questions and you’re off to a good start, but every project deserves its own customized location search to ensure the objectives will be met. A bad location choice can destroy any project’s metrics. Not to mention, who wants to explain to the boss why no one – or worse, the wrong demographic – showed up to the experience?

Keep an eye out for more “Great Locations Are Key to Field Marketing Success” posts. I’m going to highlight some of the venues where we’ve taken our clients’ brands, as well as the reasons we chose the places we did. In the meantime, feel free to comment and let me know where you’ve seen or hosted great events and how that important location choice made a difference.