Gorilla Marketing or Guerilla Marketing?

Blog - Guerilla Marketing-resized-600What is guerilla marketing?  Marketing with large monkeys?  Nope – different spelling.  Guerilla marketing, simply put is sending a street team into a location without pre-announcing, paying site fees or asking for permission.  It’s all about being resourceful and finding your target audience where they live, work, play or shop.  Simply put, this is not permission marketing, it’s “ask for forgiveness” marketing.

Street Teams (Ambassadors for your brand) will engage your consumers wherever they are – business parks, train stations, neighborhoods, sporting events, busy downtown locations, concerts, etc.  Guerilla Marketing can be one city/market based, geographical in nature or even on a national scope.

Guerilla marketing is a great way to work within a smaller marketing budget; it is quick, flexible and can generate buzz and word-of-mouth.  There are no permits necessary for this type of marketing.  It requires research to find the best locations for the brands’ demographic as well as hiring and training the right people as Brand Ambassadors.  Some of the biggest brands incorporate guerilla marketing into their marketing mix.

Want to get your product, service or information into the hands of your consumer?  Guerilla Marketing is a great way to accomplish your goals efficiently and effectively.  For more information on gureilla marketing check out Pro Motion’s article, To Guerilla or Not Guerilla, that was featured the Promo Magazine.

Photo credit:  N-Sai