Goals! Metrics! Why Am I Doing a Marketing Program?

If you haven’t already put together your marketing plan for 2015, you are probably working on that right now.

Does it include experiential marketing?

Maybe you are planning a mobile marketing tour or a street team activation or maybe you are planning a few large events. Whatever you have planned, you better have some metrics to back it up. You will need to show how your marketing spend has worked in the past and how it’s going to work in 2015. You’ve heard this before and you’ll hear it again: what gets measured, gets funded.

Now, put your thinking caps on and let’s walk through this together.

First, you’ve got to determine your brand’s specific marketing goals for 2015. Of course you need to affect the bottom line, but how, exactly?


Do you want to increase sales? Awareness? Do you need to educate consumers? Perhaps there’s more than one goal, or perhaps it’s a hybrid goal that you have in mind. The important thing is to decide. The more goals you have or the more complicated your goal is, the more moving pieces you’ll necessarily have to deal with as your plan moves forward.This may mean separate campaigns, multiple teams, or at the very least, multiple metrics sets to track. Be sure that your resources are optimized towards your goal, and that you have enough time and human assets to see each goal through to success.


How will these goals be tracked? For example:

  • Lift in sales
  • Website hits
  • # of Samples distributed
  • # of Coupons distributed and used
  • Social media buzz
  • Hashtag tracking
  • Bloggers blogging
  • PR
  • Visual Impressions

As we all know, what gets measured gets funded. So, let US help YOU figure out what to measure, so YOU can get funding, and WE can work together on an awesome Experiential Marketing Campaign in 2015!

photo credit: Northernmost (?) soccer field of the world near Grumantbyen – Colesbukta – Svalbard via photopin (license)