Giving Back

What better way to feel good in this down economy than to give back to the community? You don’t have to spend a bunch of money to make a big difference. Sometimes giving your time is the best gift! Sure, if you’ve got the bucks to share, the charities are happy to make use of your donations, but if funds are tight and you can’t write a check the way you did in the past, then clear your calendar and donate some of your precious time.

Here at Pro Motion, we make it a priority to give back to the charities that are close to our heart. For example, each year we spend some time with our friends at Angels’ Arms, Angels’ Arms is dedicated to providing and supporting loving homes for foster children by keeping brothers and sisters together within a nurturing family until a forever home is found. We make it a huge company-wide team building event. In the past we have spent time cleaning and rehabbing the houses, putting on a fundraising bowling event, hosting a spring carnival for the kids and sponsoring the annual Bar Bounce. It doesn’t cost much, but it makes a big difference in the lives of the kids as well as our employees!

This is something you can do for your company as well. Think about leading a team for a charity walk-a-thon or organizing a group to help at your local food bank. It’s a great way to help your community while getting to know your co-workers outside of the usual meetings. Make these annual events. It builds great team spirit and gives everyone something fun to look forward to!