Friends & Family Influence Purchase Decisions

Referrals Rock! A referral for potential new business from a client that loves us! A referral from one of our rock star Brand Ambassador’s who has the perfect friend to work on one of our client’s programs! A referral for the coolest new toy to get my boys from my mom’s group! Referrals are the best way to go! It’s all about the people you know (and trust) and what/who they know.

My good friend called me and was raving about the new phone she just bought. I asked a few questions and then got off the phone thinking I couldn’t survive another day without an iPhone! It’s that easy. We trust the people we know (and like) – for their opinion, their recommendations and the people they know. After all, we tend to hang with people that are a lot like us! By the way, my iPhone should be arriving in the mail this week! We have a lot of choices in our lives. Refer people, refer products, refer business – make those choices easy! When you get information via word of mouth it is just more trustworthy!