Forget Reach

It’s About Connection.

Sometimes we as marketers (I know I’m guilty) get very excited about the number of Likes/Followers we have on Facebook or the number of people that opened our last email. But how do these “feel-good” numbers correlate to revenue? Most of the time they don’t at all, because marketing is no longer about reaching customers, it’s all about connecting with them. The market has evolved to tune out messages that are broadcasted to a demographic or category of people.

Your customers want to be recognized as individuals. They are asking you to connect with them whether online (in the “twittersphere”) or face to face in the physical world of experiential marketing. You are probably saying, “well that sounds nice, but how do we get our message out without broadcasting?” Great question! You have to capture them with unique and relevant tactile engagements where a person can touch, feel, taste, and smell your product.

With the right connection you will immerse your audience 100% into the value proposition of your brand. For a few precious minutes you drown out all of the noise that fills the modern consumer’s life. All it takes is a simple call to action, powerful messaging, and the right team of Brand Ambassadors and you will have the ability to drive relationships and creating new brand advocates.

Experiential marketing is the secret key to the “one plus one equals three” effect. If you connect with a consumer, your marketing is creating a “brand evangelist” that shares his thoughts convincing someone else to use your product, you are getting two customers with one interaction.

When you connect with your customers you have the opportunity to frame your product into their real lives. Looking for proof? Samsung recently created the Samsung Studio, a high tech demonstration space placed in high traffic locations during the 2012 Olympics. Samsung was able to show off their new smartphone the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Result? Overwhelming success. A study found that after visiting this engagement 92% of visitors said they would recommend Samsung to their friends and 38% of consumers in the market for a new smartphone said “the experience helped speed up their decision on what phone to buy next.”

We know the power of experiential marketing and we know how to create powerful connections that will change the life of your customers. Experiential marketing helps you stop treating customers as faceless numbers, and instead treat them as valuable assets. Does your brand have vitality? Download our diagnostic to find out.