FAQ – Does marketing work? (ALT)

Experiential marketing works for most brands.
It’s not going to work for a brand where we’re going to expose a weakness for that brand.
We had a client come to us and want us to sample this diet drink and they sent us the product and we had everybody in the office taste it and we decided that it did not taste good.
So we went back to the client and we just said, “Hey, we’ve done some sampling here at our office and we don’t think your taste profiles where it needs to be. We will probably do more harm for your brand than good.”
It does work when you can create that “A-Ha!” moment for that customer.
If we can go into a marketplace and engage consumers and kind of turn on that light bulb in their head and they really understand the product, they see the value of the product, we only built an experience that you know, takes them on this journey.
I think those are the programs that work best.
We can get that emotional engagement with their consumer and those are the programs that we love to do and consumers really enjoy being a part of and those are the ones that get the best results.