Experiential Marketing: It’s How You Get Noticed

blog - experiential marketing - it's how you get noticedAdvertising is everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!  It’s at our bus stops, on the buses themselves, along the highway, in the store aisles, on the side of cereal boxes, on our TV’s, on our YouTube videos, in our newspapers and magazines and now even on the label of a gallon of milk!  However, so many of these ads go completely unnoticed because we now expect them there.  It becomes almost a “white-noise” of advertising, where it lulls you to sleep instead of engaging you.

So how do you stand out?  How do you make sure your marketing campaign doesn’t stop with t-shirts and magnets?  You go rogue!

So how, HOW can it be possible to get remembered?  You listen.  People are assaulted by credit card offers every time they check out, people are commanded by television commercials and people are forced to read hundreds of ads every day.  It’s like getting yelled at all day and never getting to open your mouth!

So how do you create a campaign that LISTENS?  Simple…you need PEOPLE that listen.  Experiential marketing is the ONLY marketing outlet which allows people to interact with a brand face-to-face, to listen to their concerns and then help them relate to the usefulness of the product.  When your marketing becomes an engagement and not an advertisement then you get results.  So before you think of a funny catch phrase, or a great logo, think of what your consumer NEEDS and think of how to show them you are paying attention!