Experiential Marketing First Timer?

Everyone remembers the first time they tried something new; it was exciting, scary, fun, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, time consuming, etc. If you are a brand considering planning and activating your first experiential marketing program, you probably have all of these feelings.  And, if you are a brand that is thinking about hiring an agency to help with your first experiential marketing program, then you need to find a team that becomes an extension of your internal team and provides you with the guidance you need to make your program successful.

First Time QuestionsHere are some points to consider as you search for the agency who makes your life easier.

  1. Does the agency provide turnkey service?
    There’s a lot of ins and outs to planning and activating an experiential program. An agency should be an active partner. Turnkey service means handling ALL of the details and sweating the small stuff so that you don’t have to.
  2. Does the agency provide senior management to handle your account?
    Having senior management on your account provides you with a team that is attentive and experienced. They can provide guidance during every step of the process. They have “been there done that,” and can handle potential problems or situations as they arise (which will happen).
    We just wrapped up an event for a client where the scope of work changed the week prior to the event! And then it morphed again during the event itself! Having senior management at the helm, we were able to handle all of the changes quickly and calmly: reassuring the client that everything would flow smoothly for their customers…and it did.
  3. Does the agency provide you with guidance?
    Providing guidance means that your agency asks a lot of questions up front so they learn everything they can about your expectations, the metrics needed to make your program successful, and your concerns.  The agency is not only knowledgeable about the experiential marketing industry but now has the right information from you to provide the necessary guidance to lead you through this new adventure.
  4. Is the agency picky about who they work with?
    Time is a non-renewable resource, and teams only have a certain amount of time and attention to give to each client and project. By being picky about clientele, an agency can ensure that it’s always focused on doing the best things for the best brands. When an agency can make every client feel like the only client, then they’re doing something right. The high level of customer service and personal attention that is paid to each client translates into successful, mutually beneficial partnerships.
  5. Does the agency make you feel comfortable?
    Do you feel like they have your back and will make sure to bring your experiential marketing program to life and make you look like a rock star?
  6. Does your agency provide you with an account service team that you want to hug every time you see them

When you are doing anything for the first time, having a knowledgeable team can and will make your life easier.  Give us a shout to see how we can help you with your first experiential marketing program.

photo credit: Damn, Mario Must Be TINY!!! via photopin (license)