Does Your Marketing Suck?

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Ever see a commercial that left you thinking, “What was that all about…?” Yep. You know. 

You know when marketing sucks. Don’t let it be yours.

If you want to catch your audience’s attention in the days where “Live” TV is more of an inconvenience than an attraction, you have to earn it. You know the drill. A commercial comes on, you get a snack, take a bathroom break, scroll through TikTok, or all three! The timing is practically perfect. So, unless you can truly connect with your audience before they check out for their 5-minute commercial break, you’ve lost your moment. They’re called “flat ads” for a reason, folks! 

There is one day where people look forward to commercials out of 365 days on the calendar: the Super Bowl. So what’s the difference?

Flat ads are those print, radio, or TV ads that have you headed for the fridge, unless, of course, you can hit “fast-forward.” Successful marketing provides an EXPERIENCE your audience actually wants. This brings us back to that “experiential marketing” phrase that we love. Make them feel something – hope, humor, concern, excitement – because that is what makes experiential marketing so effective. When you can touch and feel something, you are more emotionally connected to it. 

Be thoughtful, poignant, speaking directly to your customer and their needs. Experiential marketing creates a connection where there wasn’t one before. A well-coordinated experience leaves no doubt as to which brand is central in the audience’s memory.

If you’re selling a drink, you target thirsty people.

If you’re selling a SUV, you target active families.

If you’re selling snacks, you target hungry people.

These are the people that are seeking an experience – a “taste test” of your product. 

Experiences are what successfully reach customers – not pyrotechnics, flashing lights, and sirens (unless you’re targeting circus performers) on a flat ad. Real connections are what consumers want to learn about. This is experiential marketing. 

Start by giving your audience a reason to tune in. The salespeople you choose to interact with are the people offering you something without the feeling of pressure or awkward interaction. You avoid the internet sales people, and hit up the sample lady every time. Offer immediate incentives to connect like samples or swag.

Next, appeal to the senses. Invite consumers to experience your product. People like to be engaged in experiences by touching, tasting, feeling… Advanced technology is a great way to do this, as it’s an experience that a consumer is unlikely to have had before.

Finally, create your “A-ha” moment. You know the one. The one that makes you buy stuff. This moment will take them from enjoyment to purchase or, at the very least, some continued engagement of some kind. Accomplishing this means your audience sees exactly how great your product is and how much better their lives could be with it.

People don’t care how heavy the hammer is. They want to smash stuff. They are here for the experience!

Experiences can do what passive flat ads cannot. People crave more and more the hands-on opportunities to engage with reality. Give them that, and they’ll really listen to what you have to say.

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