Defining Brand Vitality

Brands today are struggling for relevancy, and it’s having a devastating effect.  Less loyalty, greater competition and lots of noise means:

  • Businesses are spending more to get customers,
  • The lifetime value of customers is down, and
  • There is tremendous pressure on profits.

There are still a few brands out there that remain relevant.  The companies that own these brands enjoy incredible advantages on both the revenue and cost sides of the equation.  What these brands all have in common is a deep emotional connection that leads to lifetime relationships.  These companies prove that when the focus is on connection extraordinary profits are the result.

It is the ability to develop and maintain such connection that is at the heart of what I call Brand Vitality, and when a company has it, the results are astounding.  When the focus is on creating and maintaining vitality, profits flow.  However, when the focus is on profits brand lose their vigor and struggle for relevancy.  A quick look at the stock market illustrates just how prevalent this problem is.

For 16 years we’ve obsessed about building deep emotional connections.  Through that time, we’ve developed a superior process to envision, align, organize, implement and activate programs that empower companies to stand out in a 3-dimensional world and connect with their customers.  Join us as we share our insights here.