Comic Books, True Believers, and Brand Vitality

What do comic books have to do with Brand Vitality?

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Comic book legend Stan Lee referred to his readership as True Believers. In the letter columns following Spider-Man or Fantastic Four books, or even wedged into the panels of the stories themselves, Stan would project the assumption of belief onto his audience through sheer force of storytelling, relatability, and passion. We are true believers because Stan says we are.

Seth Godin recently wrote a short piece called “If you choose to be in the dog food business,” wherein he urges us to empathize with our audience. This is a key factor in driving your brand. This is a key factor in creating True Believers.

Origin Story

When I started out in marketing for a traditional digital company, I worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs, and my organization was focused on discovering the bright line of difference between our clients and their competitors. Something that was consistently frustrating to me was when the company representatives didn’t seem excited about their own offerings.

As a marketer, it simply made my job more difficult. If you’re not psyched about what you do, then how do you expect me to get a stranger amped up about it? If you can’t be bothered to get pumped about something you get paid to do, why would your audience want to pay for it? If you’re not a True Believer, then you can’t expect anyone else to be one, either.

*Pow!* *Blam!*

Now, I work on the inside here at Pro Motion, where I see the passion and fire personified in everything my leaders and team say and do each day. It’s inspiring and motivating. It’s an environment of True Believers working towards several common goals.

What’s more, I get to touch various projects for brands—new and established—that truly value the idea that an experience with their brand can change someone’s life for the better. Whether that change is large or small, whether the audience is a small child or a large corporation, our clients believe in the brand, and respect their consumers. They’re genuine about their excitement for what they do, and they’re compelled to find a way to make true connections with their potential clients via experiential marketing.

Soapbox Ending

The takeaway here, from both Seth’s Blog and my experience, is that True Believers drive Brand Vitality. The more stoked you are about your own offering, the easier it will be to get others to accept that offer.

Brand Vitality is driven by true believers. Be a True Believer.


photo credit: oseillo via photopin cc