Choosing Pro Motion as your marketing agency

Why will you be happy you chose Pro Motion as your experiential marketing agency? For starters, we’re awesome! But seriously, there are a few reasons to get excited about working with us.

We’ve got history on our side….

untitled-design-4Pro Motion popped up on the experiential marketing scene in 1995. We’ve got 22 years of experience under our belts, and you can bet we’ve learned lots of valuable lessons and best practices throughout those years. Earlier this year we were named a PROMO Top Shop by industry magazine Chief Marketer, which is a list of the 100 top experiential marketing agencies. Both brand marketers looking for exceptional agencies and agencies seeking experienced partners to work with viewed this easy-to-use searchable resource almost 73,000 times over the course of the year.

We’ve worked with some pretty special brands over the years, such as Disney, Duck Tape, CNN, Dr Pepper Snapple, Tractor Supply Company, and more.

We’ve done sampling programs and mobile marketing tours and trained hundreds of brand ambassadors and street teams across the country.

Trust us (not biased), you’re in great hands with Pro Motion as your experiential marketing agency.

Our people are the core of our business…

Las Vegas

The fantastic Disney Street Team gets together with Mickey and Danielle

From the mouth of PMI founder and president Steve Randazzo, “I think our people are just awesome. They work really hard, they are passionate about brands who trust us, and they’ve got a lot of experience: a lot of senior people who have been in this industry for a long time and so they understand how to get a program developed, how to get in the field, how to make sure it’s the most successful it can be.”

Our first core value as an experiential marketing agency, which has been in place since the origin of PMI, is “Employees First. Always.” It’s a simple concept, but we’ve learned that making our employees a priority keeps them happy. Then, they transfer that happiness to your brand and your target audience.

We strive to be the best—not the biggest…

Another thing that we do that sets us apart from most experiential marketing agencies: we’re not trying to be the biggest agency and collect ‘em all (catch that Pokemon reference there?). We only work with ten clients at a time. It’s not that we don’t want to grow or progress in the experiential marketing field, we would just rather focus on depth rather than breadth.

Our focus is on providing crazy good service, and many of our clients have told us they feel like they’re our only client.

We’re also more comfortable working with brands and clients who we want to work with and for whom we have confidence we can build a great program. Sometimes we turn down programs, either because we don’t want to work with that brand, we don’t have excitement about that brand or industry, or quite frankly, we don’t have excitement working with that individual.

Another great perk of working with only ten clients at a time is that we can really have a lot of our senior staff (i.e. our rockstars President Steve Randazzo and Account Director Cathi Kennedy) working on the programs as well and focusing on the clients’ needs. We want to deliver such high quality work that every client feels like they’re the only client.

With that said…Welcome to the PMI family!