Celebrate the Holidays with Lights, Chocolate, and Experiential Marketing!

A Toronto neighborhood at the beginning of the winter holiday season this year was host to a beautiful sight. Carolers in traditional robes entertained on the lawn of an elaborately decorated home. The singing, the decorations, and the accompanying light show were all real for visitors to the site, but the scenario was completely manufactured.

Italian Confectioner Ferrero Rocher staged the scene elaborate experiential activation. Neighborhood residents got creative and practical home decorating ideas while they enjoyed the festivities and got to sample chocolates.

“People are able to experience the chocolate when they are on the property, and just get inspiration,” Says Janette Ewen, spokesperson for Ferrero Rocher.

This and other creative sampling activations are great examples of how to sample and engage consumers at the same time, creating the memorable experiences that are the seeds of genuine connections.

read more at the full article here: https://business.financialpost.com/news/retail-marketing/when-the-neighbours-holiday-house-lighting-party-is-actually-an-ad-for-chocolate-inside-the-experiential-marketing-trend