Brand Loyalty and My First Brand Relationship

Blog - My First Brand RelationshipKeds!  When I was a kid I loved Keds!  There was something about the crisp white glow of a fresh pair of Keds that was so exciting.  It was so important to have the real Keds with the blue tag on the heel; a knock-off just wouldn’t suffice.

I’m sure that I loved them because all of my friends had them.  We wore Keds every day.  We wore them with jeans in the winter time and shorts in the summer time.  I even wore mine to gym class!  They were great because they went with everything.

The only downside to Keds was that they got dirty so quickly.  But that wasn’t a problem for me, because as soon as that canvas started to get dirty I would quickly spring into action and begin the process of personalizing my Keds.  That’s right, Keds served as more than just a shoe, the white canvas was literally my art canvas as I used puffy paint, markers, sequins, ribbons you name it, if you could find it in a craft store I probably painted it, hot glued it or tied it to my Keds in some fashion.  I guess Keds took the hint from the kids of the 80’s as you can now design your own Keds on their website.

I might have replaced the comfort of the white canvas with high heels and I certainly don’t puffy paint my best friend’s name on my shoes anymore, but I will always have fond memories of the Keds from my childhood.

So, what was your first brand relationship?