“And That’s the Fact Jack”

Blog - That's the Fact Jack-resized-600Quick, what movie is that from? If you are like most people I know, you have one or two favorite movies you have seen a million times. It’s that movie you’ll stop to watch as you’re flipping through the channels, the movie you know all of the lines in, can start watching anywhere in the movie and probably own a copy of it on VHS or DVD.

You can tell a lot about someone if you ask the question, “What movie do you stop to watch when flipping through the channels?”

Mine is “Steel Magnolias” – It’s about strong women in the South. They are family oriented, in charge of their families, strong enough to handle anything that comes their way, and still laugh and cry together. If you know me, this makes sense.

I asked this question to my Facebook friends and received some of the following answers:

“Shawshank Redemption” – from a friend who always talks about taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

“Stripes” – from a friend who is funny and sarcastic.

“Sixteen Candles” – a friend from high school who still has a crush on Jake Ryan.

“The Notebook” – from a friend who is a romantic.

“Anything with Bruce Lee in it” – from a friend who is a guy’s guy.

“Singin’ in the Rain” – from a friend who has an old soul.

I wasn’t surprised by any of the answers to my questions. We also use this question when we interview our new Pro Motion Team members – you can tell a lot about someone from this answer.

So, what’s the movie you can’t turn off?

Photo:  Steel Magnolias. Dir. Herbert Ross. Rastar Films, 1989.