9 Benefits of an Online Event Marketing Reporting System

Blog - online recapsThere are many ways to capture and track reports from your event marketing programs. One of the most efficient solutions is to utilize an online web reporting portal. Sometimes these programs seem cost prohibitive but the benefits often outweigh the expense and the time saved can offset the cost of implementing these systems.  There are many benefits to an online experiential marketing reporting system:

  1. Real time feedback – The system is accessible via the internet andBrand Ambassadors can complete reports as soon as an event ends providing immediate feedback.
  2. 24/7 access – The reports are available for review from all parties at any time.  You don’t have to worry about receiving a weekly update as you can check on the progress of programs at any time.
  3. Flexibility to provide detailed customized reports – These systems provide the ability to create customized reports and aggregate data as necessary.  While one day you might want to run a report on program sales, the next day you can review event attendance.
  4. Access anywhere – You don’t need to worry about forwarding reports from your email as you can track the success of your promotions anywhere that you have internet access (and that is pretty much anywhere these days).  In addition, many programs even provide access via mobile devices.
  5. Photos and videos – Brand Ambassadors can easily upload photos and videos from events without worrying about reducing file size to email, zipping files or uploading to an FTP or 3rd party photo hosting site.  You can keep all of your quantitative and qualitative reporting in one place.
  6. Report storage – You can store your report information online so you can easily access reports in the future to compare program success from year to year.
  7. Confidential information – Reports are kept safe via password protected websites so that key stakeholders have access to this critical information.
  8. Integration with data capture – Online reporting systems often also have the ability to integrate with online data capture from events. Brand Ambassadors can upload consumer data that they collect at the events and this information will be provided via the same reporting portal.
  9. Work smarter, not harder – You will save time by not having someone on your team uploading reports in various formats and aggregating data by hand.

By utilizing an online reporting system for your next experiential marketing program you will save time and provide a more streamlined and comprehensive reporting program for your mobile tours and street team programs.

Leave a comment below to let me know how you capture event reports.