7 Steps to Become a Brand Ambassador

Blog - You Get What You Pay For With Brand AmbassadorsHave you ever wondered how those people have the coolest jobs?  They get to ___________ (insert your cool factor here).  Well, here’s how…

  1. Research us!  Find out all you can about the programs we have worked on, the type of people we hire, our philosophies and the way we treat our team.  We love people that love us and want to work for us before actually working for us.
  2. Establish if you want to work on local promotions part-time for extra cash, become a market manager, go on a national tour or work in the office.  If you live close to Saint Louis, MO (home of the best team in baseball with the best fans) and think you would fit nicely in an Account Service position, submit your resume on the career section of our website.
    • Exaggerating about pay, previous duties or titles.  Why stretch the truth? Odds are you’ll get caught – we know people who know people.
    • Submit a resume that’s more than two pages – leave something for the imagination so we want to talk to you.
    • Have unexplained gaps in employment – if you took off work to travel the world for a year, say that (we will probably still shred your resume purely due to jealousy).
    • Putting crazy things in an interest or accomplishment section (winning the ultimate beer bong challenge in college may be an accomplishment you’re better off keeping private, at least until we hire you) – maybe just scrap those sections if you don’t have any truly WOW factors.
    • Put the wrong phone number or contact information on your resume.  If you have sent out your resume to multiple places and haven’t had one call, you may want to double check this one!
    • Give us a reference that doesn’t like you!
    • Saying you’re a CUBS fan!  Just kidding… maybe.
    • Check your spelling – we’re sticklers for details.
  4. If it’s field work you’re after (local promotions, market management, national tours, etc.), follow the instructions to apply online here.
    • Make it current.  While you may think a photo from your earlier years is better, we hire people of all ages, shapes and sizes, so sharing a picture of yourself from 10 years ago may exclude you from a promotion.
    • Glamour shots are sometimes scary and don’t really show us who you are – we all look fabulous in decent lighting with a professional photographer with (for ladies) a ton of makeup.  Conversely, a shower, a little makeup or sleep goes a long way.
    • Drunk or Party Pics (you know – red face, a little sweaty-looking, hair a fright, pupils the size of Texas, with a little or big spot on your shirt), pics with a beverage or shot glass in your hand, nude photos or extremely close to nudity. While we do get a kick out of these, you will probably get overlooked by us and many of our clients.
  6. Be patient!  Because we look for candidates that fit our programs, we don’t always call you right away.  Rest assured, you are in our database and if something comes up, you will talk to someone live!  Good fit = phone call.
  7. Lastly, continue to check out our website and blog since we are constantly updating them.  Send the link to friends and tell them about this really cool company that you just came across.  Remember to visit us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.