5 Ways to Get Consumer Participation at On-Premise Sampling Events

Blog - Fun Ways to Engage ConsumersYou are ready to have a great on-premisesampling program, and you have done everything you need to do to prepare…

Now it’s time to think about ways to engage your consumer. Your activities will be dependent upon your brand, your consumer, and the location of the sampling program. You can…

  1. Quick Hit Team: Have your Brand Ambassadors run into an event cheering and blowing whistles. Once they have drawn attention, they can provide samples, premiums, generate excitement about the brand and then leave to hit the next event. Short and sweet engagements with multiple locations in one night.
  2. Interactive Games:  Provide opportunities to play interactive games that create a fun and engaging atmosphere.  Games such as Rock Band and Dance, Dance, Revolution are crowd favorites as they provide entertainment for both the consumers who are participating in the activity as well as those who are watching.  You can even brand video games or create your own unique games that help bring your brand to life.
  3. Trivia:  Everyone loves to show off their smarts and trivia games are a great way to keep consumers interested and participating for an extended time period.
  4. Sports Tournament:  Develop a tournament around a bar game favorite such as foosball, darts or bubble hockey.  Take it a step further and create your own bar game or put a twist on a traditional favorite such as “Sand Foosball Tournaments!”
  5. Education:  Provide education such as tips on food pairings, how your product is made, what differentiates your product from the competition, the perfect pour or special recipes.  Make it fun and give consumers a compelling reason to try your product.

With these ideas in mind, you can now have your Brand Ambassadors go to events and engage with consumers in a way that will make a lasting impression.