2012 Integrated Marketing Budget Planning Tips

5 tips you should keep in mind to ensure successful activation in 2012!

  1. Stay Strategic – Identify your objectives and develop solutions to meet those specific needs.  Don’t get caught up in a flashy campaign or a trendy new marketing tactic.  Be sure that the programs you develop are designed to drive results and make sure you can measure program effectiveness.
  2. Hindsight is 20/20 – Review the effectiveness of your past programs.  What has worked and what hasn’t?  What can you change in 2012 to guarantee a more effective use of your marketing dollars?
  3. Start Early – Don’t wait to start planning your marketing programs.  You can often save money and increase effectiveness if you begin planning early.  Don’t get stuck with rush charges and poor execution by waiting until the last minute to plan your campaigns.
  4. Marketing Integration – Integrate your marketing campaign across several mediums to increase message consistency and message retention with your consumers.
  5. Include Agencies – Engage your advertising and marketing agency early in the planning process so they can share their expertise and guidance for their particular specialties.

By following these planning tips you can increase effectiveness and ensure a successful 2012 marketing campaign!