10 Ways Social Media Drives Event Success (Part 1)

part1If you haven’t already heard, social media is key in marketing today. Experiential marketing, in particular, benefits from the social movement of surprised and delighted consumers sharing their one-on-one interactions and results with the rest of the world.

There is an art to creating viral marketing content. You can aim for achieving a farther reach, or more likes and retweets; at the end of the day, content is what drives your customers.

How can you use social media to create viral events?

So how can you use this free tool? Let’s look at 10 ways to use social media to create viral events.

  1. Utilize Innovative Technology
    Interactive displays—like live Twitter feeds—intrigue consumers and encourage brand engagement. Allow event-goers to interact with your event, and let them tell you why they think it is great.
  2. Add a Creative Hashtag
    Hashtags give you a nail on which to hang the buzz about your event. They give participants a rally cry, and they make conversations easy to track during and after the event. Incentivize consumers to use your hashtag by offering prizes or other tangible rewards, like a photo booth. The more people use your hashtag, the better chance you have of trending and being found.
  3. Create Shareable Content
    By adding a Facebook event page, or providing sharable and useful ads, you allow your consumers help broaden your reach. When you’ve caught the eye of your target market, you end up with a viral event!
  4. Add Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Content
    What better way to entice consumers than with exclusive behind-the-scenes content from your event! Try a Q&A session with an event speaker, a time-lapse video of event setup, a live stream of the grand opening, a hub for your fans to see what goes into your event! You may also want to consider Snapchat for real-time updates.
    Consumers love to feel that they are apart of your event, so make them feel the love!
  5. Create a Unique and Memorable Concept
    Easy, right? This is where experiential marketing comes in. If you offer that “wow” factor, your event is sure to be remembered. Make sure each tactic applied in your campaign contributes to the overall concept. Tying things together thematically turns an event into a happening. Details matter!

Check out part 2 in the next post!