10 Easy Steps to Building a Successful Experiential Marketing Vehicle

So, you have decided to build your brand with an experiential marketing mobile vehicle and you have chosen the best event marketing agency to partner with on your program.  What’s next?  Well, you are now in the capable hands of the Account Team with the event marketing agency you have chosen.  The Account Team will now jump into their process of vehicle and display production.

  1. What - Mobile Vehicle Tours - Gatorade-resized-175.jpgFind a production partner who has experience in the experiential marketing industry that is innovative and utilizes the latest technology.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the client and the production partner to discuss the pros and cons of:  types of vehicles; ownership vs. lease; time to set-up and tear down the vehicle; number of traveling and local Brand Ambassadors and any other visions the client may have for their event marketing mobile tour.
  3. Design/build the equipment to withstand the rigors of multiple set-ups, traveling throughout the country, and being engaged by thousands of consumers.
  4. Provide clear direction to the client and production partner – clear direction on design, drawings, schematics, dimensions, deadlines, change orders, etc. – anything visual and no surprises.
  5. Document the process with photos and video from start to finish.
  6. Communicate frequently with the production partner during the process – visits, pictures, etc., to make sure the production is on schedule and at the quality you desire.
  7. Communicate frequently with the client about the process of the production of the display – provide pictures and updates.
  8. Understand all warranties, instructions and anything related to the vehicle and equipment that is part of the program.
  9. Schedule a transition and training meeting upon completion of the vehicle and display with the production partner and team before you hit the road.
  10. Ensuring clear communication between the event marketing agencyand the client; clear communication between the event marketing agency and the production partner is paramount if you want to build the most effective, on budget, experiential marketing vehicle.