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We are pulling metrics from the tour to update our Q1 highlights. The tour has been wildly successful. We have exceeded almost all social metrics we have set and event impressions. The team is doing a great job and the video content generation is extremely popular.


The motor coach works for us because it provides a concrete engagement and the impact of the face to face is fantastic and so much better than 2 guys walking in suits trying to make a connection.  This really helps us stand out over some of our competitors who can spend a lot more to garner attention from the media planners and brands we get to talk to while on the bus tour.  This is our 4th year working with Pro Motion and we’ve done some great work together.  The new coach looks great and is an improvement over past units we’ve used.  Your team is awesome and we appreciate the partnership.


Launching, reinvigorating, or standing out:

A mobile marketing tour is a smart play for you and your brand.

Over the past 20+ years, we’ve discovered 5 critical factors you must follow to maximize your results when incorporating an experiential mobile marketing tour into your marketing mix:

  1. Establishing goals
  2. Designing the experience
  3. Finding the right people
  4. Integrating campaigns
  5. Measurement

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