Measurable ROI for Event Marketing

We know walking into the CFO’s office can be challenging.  We’ve helped our clients not only walk in with confidence, but also come out a Rock Star.  Every program is built with the end in mind so we know what to measure.  One of our first questions is, “what needs to happen during this program for it to be deemed a huge success?”.  And, then, the fun begins learning about what is going on within your company and designing a program that exceeds expectations.  After the program is over, you confidently walk into the CFO’s office and walk out a ROCK STAR!

Mobile Vehicle Tour ROI

Examples of metrics to track:

Face-to-face engagements
Footprint attendance
Social media sharing
PR and media coverage
Vehicle impressions
Guest feedback
Samples distributed
Pipeline growth
Actual sales

Did you know…
82% of event marketers say live events are critical to their organizations’ success.

2018 State of Experiential Marketing Study