Smokey Bones Fire & Grill Street Teams
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Smokey Bones Fire & Grill was looking to drive foot traffic and buzz thus increasing bar sales in their restaurants. They wanted to target “social starters” (millennials) to look at Smokey Bones as a fun place to hang out with friends, watch TV and extend the brand’s new, hipper attitude.


  • RThe Smokey Bones Fire & Grill Street Teams were deployed in seven southeast markets. Their goal was to create local buzz and awareness of the new menu and specials with the young, hip, cool, trend-spreading adults in each market. These guests were provided with personal invitations to Smokey Bones via branded pint glasses and also provided coupons for free beer (where legal) or a free appetizer. Consumers were encouraged to bring their friends to visit Smokey Bones and to try out the new offerings.


  • Sales and guest count increased at locations (at the same time restaurant traffic was down in most competitive chains)
  • Over 135,000 consumers were targeted with 196,000 impressions
  • 49,000 branded pint cups with coupons were distributed
  • Smokey Bones restaurants were full of happy millennials who enjoyed the new vibe, drinks and food

Pint cups


consumers targeted


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