• The best part of being a Brand Ambassador with Pro Motion is the level of respect and accessibility I receive from the whole staff. They are a company that cares about who works for them and it shows in everything they do.
  • If I could switch places with any one person for a day it would be Dwayne Johnson because that guy is always busy doing something while lifting up others around him.
  • When people dress up their dogs, I silently judge then and the rest of their life choices, for they have gone down a dark, dark path. God help their soul.
  • If I could invite any 3 people to dinner it would be, Christopher Walken as King Louie from the Jungle Book, Bill Murray, and Shaq.
  • If I had a snow day tomorrow, I would have to be in an alternative universe because there is no way I would willingly be residing in an area that has snow days.