Project Coordinator

My favorite TV shows are Friends, Game of Thrones, and Blacklist.

My favorite food is the potato in any form. Mashed with gravy, baked potato, tater tots, any shape of fries, etc.

My favorite place that I have traveled, and really want to visit again, is Vegas.

I am obsessed with dogs and Harry Potter. I want to pet and love all the dogs! If you want to talk about anything and everything to do with Harry Potter, I am in. I’ve only read the series about 9 times.

My favorite part about Pro Motion is that every day is different. We have our daily tasks that we go through but a higher priority may come up that will change how the rest of the week is planned. I feel that because of ever-changing tasks and priorities I have the opportunity to learn so much more.

I like experiential marketing because it makes a lasting, emotional connection with a consumer. Experiential marketing, has a greater and longer lasting impact for a brand with consumers. They create a memory for consumers to remember, whether they remember it when going to purchase a product or just recalling the fun time that they had with the brand experience.


“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” – Blake Lively

“What could be more important than a little something to eat?” – Winne the Pooh