New Study – Event Marketing Drives Consumer Purchase Decisions

Some new and exciting research just came out in an article from PR Web.  A recent study by the Event Marketing Institute identifies experiential marketing trends and they are awesome specific to consumer behavior after experiencing a brand in the field.  58% of consumers said they purchased the product after the event and 86% said they became a regular customer!

Additionally, more and more brand marketers are seeing the value of digital and experiential marketing integration as we discussed in a recent article, Digital and Experiential Marketing – A Loving Marriage, as two thirds (66%) deem social media as “very effective” or “effective” in helping events success.  And, a not so surprising trend, brands are expanding their experiential marketing budgets by almost 8% in 2012 which is more than double the growth in 2011!

We’re not surprised by these findings as we believe better consumer engagement and participation happens when a brand experience is integrated with a face to face event.  The best results happen in an integrated program that combines digital, PR, advertising and experiential marketing together in an effort to build the relationship between brand and consumer.

In a groundbreaking study, The Event Marketing Institute (EMI) found that event and experiential marketing spending by companies is growing much faster than the overall economy. The EventTrack 2012 study found that in a slowly rebounding economy, brands are expecting their event and experiential marketing budgets to grow by nearly eight percent (7.8%) in 2012, more than double last year’s rate of (3.6%).
The first-ever EventTrack: Event Marketing Industry Annual Forecast & Best Practices Study provides brand-marketing executives with directional data covering industry trends, benchmarks and never-before documented insights on the impact of event and experiential marketing on key business drivers.