FAQ – What’s It Mean to Make Our Clients Rock Stars?


From our perspective, what it means to make our clients rock stars is to add so much value in our program and do such a great job in not only designing it and developing it but activating that program that you know they feel truly taken care of.

We give them all the tools they need, too.

At the end of the program, they have the opportunity to go to their senior staff and say “you gave me this budget and here’s what I did with it, and here’s the ROI, and here’s some great photos, and here’s some incredible customer testimonials about their experience.”

We give them all the information, and they look really great within their organization. Their senior management looks at it and says, “we spent this money and we got this out of it. You did a fantastic job,” and our clients look good in the eyes of their senior staff. That’s really important to us.

And there’s nothing better than when our clients come to us and say “hey, I got promoted. I’m now the Director of Marketing,” or the Vice President of Sales, or whatever it happens to be.

When that happens, I don’t think we’re the only reason why they got promoted, but I think we’re part of that for sure.