FAQ – Who’s a Good Client For a Marketing Agency?

It doesn’t matter what type of agency you are.

A good client is a good client.

You know you want somebody who really understands what they’re trying to achieve.

That’s so important to figure that out at the very beginning.

We always say, we start with the end in mind.

You really can’t build a program if you don’t know where you’re going and where it needs to get during the duration of the program.

So, a good client really understands what they’re trying to do.

They’re responsive to your needs.

A lot of times we have deadlines and we need information quickly from our clients.

The really good clients are the ones that understand that and work as hard as we do to get communication back and forth in an effort to make sure we’re not stuck, and we’re not delayed, and we’re not sitting.

There are times that we need information from our clients and  they need to be responsive to us.

Another easy answer is that a really good client is somebody you want to hang out with.

You know, we’re lucky we only work with ten clients at a time so you know we kind of get to pick and choose if we don’t want to work with a client.

We want to make sure that, you know, we’re working with clients who we want to hang out with.

We spend a lot of time with our clients, so we want to be able to, you know, sit in a bar with them.

We want to be able to sit at lunch with them. We want to be out in the field with them for several hours or even a couple days.

So having somebody you not only want as a client but you like as a person is really important to us.