FAQ – What type of license does a driver need?

When you send a driver out on the road, what licensure do they need?

Drivers need different licenses based on the type of vehicle they’re driving.
A standard car, van, or truck that a person could drive in their normal everyday life? That’s kind of the lowest license that someone would need to have in order to drive that vehicle legally in a commercial environment.
And there are licenses that go all the way up to a class A CDL with passenger endorsement, which is what our motor coach drivers need to have in order to drive our motor coaches safely.
Right below that are a class A CDL which is what tractor-trailer drivers need, and then it goes on down to just a standard commercial driver’s license.
But all that information is laid out really clearly with the Department of Transportation, and these are all federal guidelines that anybody who has a commercial vehicle needs to adhere to and stay within those guidelines.