FAQ – How do you integrate social media into your programs?


We integrate social media into our programs in many different ways.
It depends upon the brand that we’re working with, what we like to do is have a conversation with our client and say, “What are you looking for from a social media aspect? Are you trying to get more likes? Are you trying to get people to come to your Facebook page? Post Instagram photos?”
Whatever it is, figure out what their goals are.
If they have a social media department, we’ll have a conversation with the social media department and work really closely with them because maybe they’re already doing something, so we can just hang onto it or we can brainstorm and come up with other ways to increase the social engagement while this program is out in the field.
After that, then we can come up with the ways.
So for some of our clients we’ve used Facebook contests where they’re posting clues about where we’re coming up next and getting engagement and getting their consumers talking on the Facebook page, or we’re doing Instagram photo contests, or we’re doing hashtags.
We’ve done Snapchat filters.
Just anything to get that consumer engagement growing from a social standpoint, to share it out as many ways as possible.