FAQ – How do you find your people?

How does Pro Motion find the right people for activations?

It’s really important to us to match the interests and the passions of our brand ambassadors and tour managers with the brands that we’re representing.

We aren’t interest in warm body recruiting where we just need people to be out there and do engagements with consumers

What’s really important to us is to find people who live that lifestyle of the brand, who understand and use the brand, who go out everyday excited to talk about that brand.

We spend a lot of time recruiting and we recruit a lot of different ways.

We have a full roster of Brand Ambassadors and tour managers all over the country that we reach out to on an ongoing basis.

we know what their interests are.

we know what brands they love.

so our first line of attack is to go to our roster.

If we can’t find the right people or team to fill our client’s needs, we ask those people on our roster to tell us people that they know and introduce us to people they know who would have the interests that we’re looking for.

The other way is we go out to social media.

There’s a lot of great places where we recruit online on an ongoing basis where we’re able to meet new people and expand our roster based on the needs of each one of our clients.