FAQ – How do I know you’ll accurately represent my brand?


How does the Pro Motion team nail down a brand’s messaging and voice?

Training is so important in any of our programs but before you can even train people you have to recruit the right people.

So we spend a lot of time recruiting the right people to make sure that they have the right interests and the right desires and and the right passions to really represent the brand.

And then we train probably more extensively and longer than anybody else in the industry.

We have programs that have training for four weeks!

Now, not every program is a four-week training, but we have a lot of programs that have really extensive training to make sure they understand operationally how to run the event, how to set everything up, and to tear it down, but also that activation is really important:

What’s the engagement like with the consumer and what are the top points?

We do a lot of role-playing and we do a lot of events here: dry events, a lot of dry runs here in St. Louis in training before our teams ever even head out and hit the field and start engaging actual consumers.

We’ll bring our friends and family and have a mock event here in St. Louis that provides the opportunity for our teams to really hit the ground running once they leave training.

We also have a theory that about ninety percent of the success of any program is based on recruiting really great people and then training them.

It’s setting them up for success.

We know, based on our 21 years of experience, when you find the right people and train them really well, the program’s going to meet its objectives.

So we spend a lot of time, invest a lot of time, making sure we have the right people, and we train them extensively.

The training program is all set up to set them up for success in an effort to make sure when they get out to their first event, they know what they’re doing, they have everything worked out, and it really doesn’t feel like a first event. It feels like they’ve been on tour for a while.

And that’s the goal of every program is to make sure we laughed a program and the program’s ready when the staff is ready so we can have a great event.

Because for a lot of these consumers, this is a first impression.

We can’t wait a month down the road to make sure we’re doing good work.

We have to hit the ground running.

the very first event has to be as good as the one that’s two months down the road.