FAQ – How do you ensure smooth activations?

How does an experiential agency…namely Pro Motion, ensure that things go smoothly?

An activation will go smoothly as much as possible because you know you have all your processes and procedures in place.

So, we here at Pro Motion have checklists for anything and everything that you can think of. We’ve been doing this for over 21 years, so we know if something’s going to happen, we’re prepared for it.

And we’re always prepared for it.

Steve likes to say that Murphy’s Law exists, and it certainly does. If something’s going to happen, it could happen…but we’ll have something in place to handle that situation, whether it’s a flat tire and knowing that we have a spare ready to go, we change the tire and get on the road, or our internet’s not working, we’ll have a backup, or out generator’s not working…

Whatever the case is, we always have something ready to go so that the event can happen just as planned.