FAQ – How do you book an event space? – Cathi

An event space is booked by following a whole different and a whole bunch of processes and steps, but what you first start with is “who is the brand?”
Usually, when you have an event space, nine out of ten times it’s going to be for a B2B client.
So you’re trying to find out what market you are going to, and then how many people do you want to fit into this event space.
So then you begin your research.
We start with a database that we have a lot of event spaces and venues located in, or we can also go out into the internet and find out exactly where we are, what market we’re going to be in.
Then we start narrowing it down based on the criteria of the program.
Again, how many people, what’s the feel that you want, is it just a simple hotel venue and you just need a ballroom or you need catering or do you need a really cool space to draw attention to get people to come to your event?
So there’s a whole lot of questions that you ask to narrow it down, and once you’ve found that perfect event space then you have the conversations with a contact at the event space then asking all of the questions to make sure it fits within your budget, your space requirements, and everything you need for this event space.
Once that happens, you start negotiating and then here comes that contract.
Sign the contract and you’re ready to go put on your event.