Experiential Marketing Chicago

The Brands

We pride ourselves on the brands we have had the opportunity to work with. Each campaign—whether it’s giving samples of drinks, portable battery power packs, or a day at the most magical place on earth—is a unique success story with challenges and solutions that made each of them successful. Here is a selection of some of our most successful experiential marketing campaigns in Chicago.

Energizer's event marketing campaign

Energizer: Charge Up the Masses

Have you ever wished you could somehow use AA batteries to charge your dead phone? Well, the people at Energizer think you should be able to, so they created a simple charging device for your phone that uses its AA batteries. The big challenge was letting people know that this new product was now available for sale, and that energizer could now power your phone and your life.

Snapple #StraightUpTeaTime Tour

How sweet do you like your iced tea? Snapple has you covered with 3 varieties: sweet, sorta-sweet, and unsweet. The trouble in the Summer of 2015 was, no one knew about these new products. So, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group looked to Pro Motion to put their new products in the hands of its consumers all over the country. This included an experiential marketing campaign in Chicago.

Disney's "What Will You Celebrate?”

Where would you go for a perfect birthday? For many Americans (and those around the globe whose hearts still contain a flitter of childlike wonder), there is no place as magical as Disney. Disney specifically selected Pro Motion to promote their parks by allowing participants to extend a personal invitation to a loved one for a FREE visit to Disney on their birthday.

The Pro Motion! Approach

To us, every campaign is unique, requiring a custom approach, strategy, and execution. This meticulous planning and forethought, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience, makes for the perfect campaign to launch your brand or new product to the masses.

Energizer: Charge Up the Masses

Pro Motion knew that this product would be most effectively showcased at an event with no accessible power to recharge portable devices. So they designed a Street Team promotion to engage consumers and give them power at times when they need their phone—and they need it charged—the most.

One of the largest events in the area is the Chicago Lollapalooza, a multi-day music, food, art, and cultural experience. This event attracts hundreds of thousands of attendees over the course of several days. And, with nearly all of their patrons connected to the rest of the world with a smart phone, battery life becomes a real issue when the afternoon hits.

Enter Pro Motion’s street teams. These teams went out to the people with thousands of battery-powered charging units and cables in order to save thousands upon thousands of phones from dying before the day was over.

Snapple #StraightUpTeaTime Tour

Chicago is a place where people love to be out and about on warm summer days. Hundreds of thousands will visit Grant Park, Millennium Park, Museum Campus, Navy Pier, Michigan Ave,  and the downtown areas over the course of a season. Pro Motion made a plan to get to all of them.

Pro Motion intensively trained over 150 Brand Ambassadors and 19 market managers and to hit the streets and distribute ice-cold samples of Snapple® Straight Up Tea across the US, including Chicago.

In Chicago, every team member dressed in Snapple-branded T-shirts and traveled in branded vans across all of Chicago. Their goal was to greet passers-by with ice-cold samples of delicious Snapple iced teas. Teams engaged with consumers in their own environments, meeting them at 5K runs, parks, farmers’ markets, community festivals, music festivals, sporting events, and more!


Disney's "What Will You Celebrate?”

How do you spread the magic of a birthday invitation to a Disney park? Mickey Mouse balloons, of course! Team members filled tens of thousands of balloons. Each balloon carried a special invitation for the recipient to receive a free day at Disney for their birthday.

Each area visited, including Chicago, was structured to be a “quick hit,” with pre-arrival awareness campaigns. Pro Motion also designed and implemented unique and engaging in-market celebration activities while news and media cameras covered the events for increased exposure and excitement.

Celebration activities included:

  • Disney character appearances
  • Special confetti filled moments
  • Custom cakes, music, and prizes

Special local events were also enhanced by this magic mouse’s presence. Chicago’s Race for the Cure was one such event, where the celebration and magic of Disney were used to help lift the spirits of those affected by cancer.

Pro Motion! Results

Any experiential marketing campaign, be it in Chicago or a much smaller market, is judged by its results. How much product was distributed? What factors increased your brand’s awareness and by how much? How many consumers experienced your product? Here are the results from our experiential marketing Chicago campaigns!

Energizer: Charge Up the Masses

Not even rain and poor weather conditions could stop this marketing campaign from success. Over the course of the Lollapalooza event, Pro Motion’s strategies were executed to maximum effectiveness and achieved these results:

  • Distributed 35,500 coupons for consumers to use in the purchase of new Energizer power devices
  • 36,750 phones saved from dead batteries
  • Engaged over 75,000 consumers in face-to-face interactions


Snapple #StraightUpTeaTime Tour

Across the US, including Chicago, the Snapple #StraightUpTeaTime Tour left a sweet tea sea of thirst-quenching glory in its wake. Over 205 days, Pro Motion’s street teams and brand ambassadors were able to accomplish the following:

  • 521,639 bottles of Snapple Straight Up Tea distributed
  • 3,599 videos created with customers enjoying the product
  • 111,941 coupons given to future customers
  • 5,675 t-shirts received by enthusiastic consumers


Disney's "What Will You Celebrate?”

It all started with a mouse. In this case, the mouse was a balloon.

  • 150,000 Mickey Mouse balloons distributed
  • 7.3 million views on the campaign’s website
  • 1.7 million entries to the Disney Parks Celebration Vacation Giveaway’s website
  • 20,000 refer-a-friends recorded on Disney Parks Celebration Vacation Giveaway’s website

Overall, the tour provided a considerable lift in the percentage of Free on Your Birthday registrations tracked by city and to the overall increase of traffic by city to the Disney Parks What Will You Celebrate website. As a result, a significant amount of conversions leading to multi-day bookings were attributed to the success of the Tour.

Pro Motion is Experiential Marketing Chicago!

Experiential marketing in Chicago is not one-size-fits-all. We know and understand that each campaign is a world of its own with unique challenges, opportunities, and strategies. Our job is to understand who you want to reach and go to them with your product and brand, so they can be part of the experience in the second city and home of the Cubs, Chicago. Pro Motion will organize your experiential marketing campaign your brand needs in order to be successful.

Are you convinced your product or brand needs an experiential marketing campaign in Chicago to increase awareness and drive sales? Start a conversation with Pro Motion and see if an experiential marketing campaign is what you need to bring your brand to the next level.