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Do People Now Prefer Cybersex Over the Real Thing?

By October 19, 2009 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

As a population, there is no question that we are now living in a world of electronic relationships. Texting has opened up conversations between teens and their parents. College kids no longer call home once per week on the communal dorm phone, instead they text Mom and Dad several times per day. Facebook has allowed long lost friends a chance to re-connect. All of these now mainstream forms of communication have increased the number of conversations taking place, and have brought our communication to an all time high as a society.

But what are we communicating? Why is the college kid texting his parents? Don’t they first need to have something to say? Doesn’t it all come back to the fact that they either experienced or saw something, and they are anxious to spread the word?

Without something to talk about, we don’t need all these forms of communication. Something needs to happen to get the communication train running down the track. Someone needs to experience an emotion or event to trigger the desire to re-tell the story… the actual event still trumps the re-enactment.

Recently, it had been suggested that Baseball be played without using live umpires as technology could insure that no ‘bad calls” are made… people thought this suggestion was ridiculous. But let’s trump that, what if we eliminated the actual game. Would thousands of people gather together, have beers and cook brats to watch a modified version of PS3? Of course not.

So as I continue to look for the best marketing solutions for my clients I always need to remember, if I leave out the live human experience, I’ve actually skipped the only step that really matters.