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  • Do you wish more customers and prospects could truly EXPERIENCE your products or services?

  • Are you looking to DOUBLE YOUR PIPELINE?

  • Are you looking to CUT YOUR SALES CYCLE IN HALF?

  • Do you need to generate some EXCITEMENT and FOCUS within your sales force?

  • Do you struggle to get ROI from trade shows?

  • Did you know…

    • 67% of B2B brand-side marketers anticipate a growth in budget in the next 18 months, a 17% increase from 2018. 1 

    • 75% of B2B brand-side  respondents agree that experiential  has proven to be the most successful tactic of their brand’s  various marketing strategies, a 14% increase from 2018. 1

We Believe Every Brand Has a Story to Tell.

Whether you are sponsoring a special event, supporting a team, or even having your own event, the whole experience must build an emotional connection, delivering fans of your brand…fans that drive word of mouth and drive sales. Pro Motion specializes in Event Marketing. We offer a variety of experiential brand marketing services to get your company to the top.

When you are looking to have your product brought to life all over the country, Mobile Marketing Tours are just the ticket.  You probably already attend trade shows to show off your products, now take them on the road.

From planned and structured engagements to exciting guerilla marketing stunts, from coast-to-coast and everywhere in-between, our nationwide Street Team Promotions consistently offer an entertaining face-to-face experience beyond expectations.

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We help B2B/B2C brands and agency partners cut through the clutter & drive ROI and ROE!

Here’s How We Are Different!

Best Customer Service in the Industry

EXTENSION OF YOU – TRUE PARTNERSHIP Since we only work with 10 clients at a time, we are focused on growing your business, not ours. The benefits are you get the whole team, not an account coordinator who is still learning the business. We work collaboratively here to make your experience awesome and to make you a Rock Star.

Best Field Reps in the Industry


We spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy making sure your Tour team is awesome and truly represents your brand. 90% of the success of every field program is a great human and great training. We’ll give you both!

Processes that drive your comfort


Sometimes our clients are nervous about how to build and launch an event marketing program. We do it every day and we have the processes to make sure you are comfortable throughout the journey. You’ll always know where we are and where we are heading.

Independent Agency since 1995


We love what we do here every day as much as we did when we started. Back then, marketers didn’t know the results they could get from doing an experiential program. Today, every industry is active in our industry. Experiential is hot, mostly because it works!

Results Focused


We understand doing cool programs is fun but you also need to stand in front of the CFO to show what value the budget provided. We start with the end in mind and build programs designed to drive ROI! In that meeting, you become a Rock Star.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our goal is to make every client feel like they are our ONLY client.

“You guys do everything you say you’re going to do and then you do things we didn’t even know we needed. Your experience adds a lot of value. What a great partnership.”


“I was crazy for thinking we could do this on our own, because it turned out to be such a better program. We got deeper coverage. We put more eyes on our products and butts in our seats than we would’ve been able to.”


“Our B2B mobile marketing tour was a great resource for our sales team. It cut the sales cycle in half. The bus was like 6 touches.”


“The mobile trade show was a great experience for us! It allowed us to use technology to get our products in front of our clients and gave us feedback of what our customers are looking for. Pro Motion’s tour managers were extreme brand ambassadors.”


We are helping brands stand out and get experienced while driving transparent ROI.

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The 2019 State of Experiential- A Research Study by agencyEA