Blog - Communication is Key to Successful Retail Marketing ToursCom-mu-ni-ca-tion – The imparting or exchanging of information or news – one more important piece of the Retail Tour puzzle.  Communication with all parties involved with a retail marketing tour ensures a smooth flow of events from awareness to pre-promotion to activation.  Here are some tips for successful communication.

  • Awareness of Retail Marketing Tours
    • Provide information to retailer contacts at the corporate level about your program
    • Retailer corporate level should then disseminate the information about the  retail tour to each of the retail location’s management teams
    • Local management teams share with employees
    • Retail tour brand ambassadors contact local management prior to arrival to confirm
  • Pre-Promotion of Retail Marketing Tours
    • Retail locations provide signage announcing retail tour visit
    • Retail websites provide retail tour information
    • PR team communicates with local media outlets
    • Social media is utilized for awareness and pre-promotion
    • Retail tour brand ambassadors check-in with retail management
  • Activation of Retail Marketing Tours
    • Tour Team checks-in with management prior to set-up
    • Retail employees communicate with consumers via store announcements and signage to direct consumers to retail tour set-up
    • Local PR outlets arrive to promote the program and attract additional consumers

A retail tour is a great wait to communicate with our consumers.  Ensuring clear and constant communication will enhance results of your retail tour.  Communicate with Pro Motion for help with your next tour!

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