You know how your product just needs to be experienced in person for people to really understand it? That’s what we do. Steve Randazzo

President, Pro Motion, Inc.

Our Street Teams, Event Marketing, and Mobile Marketing Tours, put your brand face-to-face with your customers and position you at the center of the conversation, creating that “a-ha” moment.

That moment is captured, shared, and becomes valuable content for your marketing efforts. In this way, your brand builds deep emotional connections with your consumers, increasing your ROI.

When Pro Motion was founded in 1995, we had one mission: to be the BEST experiential marketing company (not the biggest). In fact, we only work with 10 companies at a time in order to ensure consistent, expectation-shattering quality in our programs.  So, every client feels like they are our only client.

It’s difficult to highlight all of the reasons why industry giants like Disney, CNN, Duck Tape®, HP, and so many others, have confidence in Pro Motion. They say they are comfortable with us. They like us…and ultimately, it comes down to trust.

We take pride in the fact that we’ve never lost a client to another agency.  Yeah, we’re that good!

What Can We Do For You?

In order to have vitality, you need to be doing more than what everyone else is doing. …When you have vitality, you don’t have to market as much. Steve Randazzo

President, Pro Motion, Inc.

Brand Vitality

With more noise and confusion than ever before, brand managers and marketing executives must work harder than ever to stand out, drive revenue and increase loyalty.

Less consumer loyalty, greater competition, and lots of noise means:

  • Businesses are spending more to get customers
  • The lifetime value of customers is down
  • There is tremendous pressure on profits

Since we opened our doors in 1995, we’ve been obsessed with changing this course. We’ve developed a superior process to envision, align, organize, implement and activate programs that empower companies to stand out in a 3-dimensional world and connect with their customers.

We’ve built The Brand Vitality Experience® to provide the path, insight, and process to create Vitality in your brand. Give our experiential marketing company a call or download our Brand Vitality Diagnostic for a free analysis of how to drive your brand.

What Can We Do For You?