FAQ – Will an experiential marketing agency benefit a B2B brand?

B2B is probably the fastest growing area of our industry. At least, it is definitely for our company.

I love B2B programs.

Probably the biggest advantage I see from a B2B client is the ROI is so much crisper and more clean and more transparent than B2C.

Sometimes with B2C you’re there at the point of sale which you can see product moving off the shelves but sometimes you’re at a fair or festival and you’re creating awareness and you’re creating that trial but you don’t know exactly what they do after you’ve engaged them.

With a B2B brand, you know you’re talking to decision makers, you’re talking to customers.

What we really love doing is doing a mobile trade show for a B2B client.

So you pack all their goods and you take them directly to the parking lots of their customers. And you got to understand that there so many benefits to that.

So a B2B program is so much cleaner from an ROI standpoint.

We’ve never had a B2B program that didn’t repeat at least one more year, and based on what we hear from our clients, B2B programs really work.

They really do sell incremental product and they really do create and ROI that’s so great that it just makes sense to continue to investing in this area.

So, we love B2B and B2C.

The biggest advantage of B2B is how clean the ROI is.