Marketing is NOT…

Experiential marketing is not…..print advertising.

In fact, it’s the opposite! It’s about experiences (go figure)! It’s about bringing marketing to life in an engaging way that builds lasting memories and brand recognition.

Experiential marketing is not….about marketing to a broad audience.

When designing your experiential marketing program, focus on your target audience. It’s not just about getting your message in front of as many consumers as possible but actually about getting the product into the right hands.

Experiential marketing is not…..successful without bubbly brand ambassadors.

Experiential marketing is all about sending your brand fanatics out in the streets to engage with other brand fanatics. When looking to build a street team, you have to find the outgoing, authentic people who really live the brand.

Experiential marketing is not….more expensive than traditional marketing.

We’ve got an opinion on that. It truly depends on what kind of program you design. But the ROI from it could greatly exceed a traditional marketing campaign. It’s worth the exploration, right?  

Experiential marketing is not… just about social media.

Social media sharing is an important part of experiential marketing, whether that’s encouraging consumers to share their experience with their networks or even shooting live video so brand fanatics can follow along with the activation wherever they are. But make sure people are actually participating in the activation, and having fun! Not just taking pictures of splashy structure.

Experiential marketing is not…..just for food or drink sampling programs.

While, yes, a lot of our clients are interested in getting their target market to try new beverages or food, we also work with a lot of companies looking to bring their B2B brand to life, like Invacare, or provide a new experience and awareness about their mission. Examples include retailer Tractor Supply Company and nonprofit KaBOOM!.

Experiential marketing IS….based on people authentically connecting with a brand in a new way.

At the end of the day, your experiential marketing program should inspire, surprise, and delight your consumers in a creative activation that will stick in their minds forever.