Should your brand do a Marketing program? Take This Quiz!
What takes traditional advertising weeks, months or years to do, we can do in a moment.
Bryan Icenhower

President, IMG Live

Think you’re ready to take the plunge? Take this quiz.
  • Does your brand target a broad audience?
If you answered yes… Awesome! Let’s take this show on the road. An experiential marketing program can bring your brand to the people. It can be an authentic interaction that fits the theme, values, and lifestyle of your brand. If you answered no… Maybe you want to target a new audience. From our broad range of experience and clients over the last 20+ years, we can craft the perfect program to break into a new scene.
  • Do you have a new product that you want to create buzz around?
If you answered yes… A multi-week experiential program or even a big, buzz-worthy event would be a great way to launch a new product or service offering. If you answered no… Maybe there’s a lot of competition or the product has just been out for awhile. It could be time to refresh the image of your tried-and-true product. Let’s jumpstart that buzz with a new experiential program that gets your consumers excited about the brand again.
  • Can your brand or product be touched?
If you answered yes… Let’s do a sampling program! A street team can give away products and premiums to generate an interest in your brand and get them thinking about purchasing in the future.   If you answered no… Not a deal breaker. Many programs are more event or stunt-based to create a buzz about your brand. Let’s pick a platform and make a splash with social media.  
  • Do you wish you had more feet on the street or influencers sharing about your brand, product or service?
If you answered yes… A street team can be trained in everything to do with your brand or product. Then, they’ll hit the streets and meet your target consumers in stores, on sidewalks, at events or other locations. If you answered no… What are you thinking?! You’re missing a great opportunity by not utilizing brand ambassadors or social media influencers to promote your product in a fun way that doesn’t feel overbearing or sales-y.
  • Do you have an unused vehicle sitting in your parking lot?
If you answered yes… We can brand that! That old van or SUV that’s been sitting in the corner of your lot, dull and lifeless? We can transform it into the perfect representation of your brand, perfect for hitting the road and racking up positive impressions. If you answered no… We can find the best vehicle for your program. Check out our list of ideas from past programs. Want to jumpstart your brainstorm for an experiential marketing program? Call Pro Motion today!