What are the B2B Benefits of Mobile Vehicle Tours?

Mobile marketing is a powerful revenue-generating tool available for B2B markets to tap into – it’s not just for B2C companies! Today, we are exploring the top 3 B2B benefits of mobile vehicle tours.

The Benefits 

Vehicle Impressions 

One of the biggest benefits of mobile vehicle tours is the buzz you generate out on the road. Branded vehicles offer an organic form of marketing – creating and strengthening brand impressions with your own moving billboard.

How do we calculate vehicle impressions? A number of miles x 137. The numbers don’t lie.

Ramp up your numbers and try it out next time you are calculating impressions.

Sometimes you have to go big or go home! Our HP Exstream Results Tour utilized a 45-foot branded deluxe motor coach equipped with the latest computer hardware and HP Exstream software for over 600 prospects. The tour traveled over 10,000 miles generating valuable vehicle impressions.

Direct to Customer 

Wanting to reach your key decision-makers on their time? A mobile vehicle tour may be your answer! Bring a hands-on experience, and show your target audience why your product is the best of the best. Earn more meetings with your valued clients, and convert them into value-adding sales.

“For Business-to-Business clients, taking their products directly to their customers without the clutter of competition provides the opportunity to really showcase their brands. It also attracts senior-level decision-makers who may not go to trade shows,” says Steve Randazzo, President of Pro Motion. “We’ve found this strategy dramatically enhances the return on investment for our clients.”

Return on Investment 

You want to ensure that your mobile vehicle tour will generate tangible results – leads, prospective sales, and most importantly measurable ROI. By reaching your key decision-makers on their time, you earn more meetings and sales.

Saving your client time and money will in turn lead to a quicker decision process, ending in added value to your brand.

Ready to hit the road? Invest in your brand’s success – get rolling on your B2B mobile vehicle tour. If you aren’t sure where to start, Pro Motion can deliver over 20 years of experience and success!

Did you know…
75% of B2B brand-side respondents agree that experiential has proven to be the most successful tactic of their brand’s various marketing strategies, a 14% increase from 2018.

2018 State of Experiential Marketing Study