Mobile Tours: Bringing your brand to the people


Case Studies - Campbell's Labels for Education Bus Mobile Tour (11)You’ve just heard PMI President Steve Randazzo explain a Mobile Tour, the Pro Motion way. According to Event Marketer, the goal of a mobile tour is to “bring a distinctive brand experience right to where your target consumers work, play and shop.” It’s essentially a pop-up event that travels with a team to many markets across the country. Attributes of mobile tours vary depending on the client, but they all have a few major components in common.


Since we are talking about MOBILE tours, let’s talk about the main dish here: the vehicle. The variety of vehicles and designs for mobile tours is endless! We’ve piloted everything from Smart Cars to Tractor Trailers to Motor Coaches. Some activations occur on the vehicle itself while other programs create a pop-up activation outside the vehicle in a retail store parking lot, farmer’s market, sporting event, or other consumer location. These activations can include anything from photo booths to product sampling to arts and crafts and everything in between.

So what’s the look and feel of the vehicle? Well that’s up to you! Of course, we’ll wrap the chosen vehicle in a standout design that represents your brand and captures thousands of impressions as it travels from market to market.



DSC03137The specific cities and amount of time spent in each city during a mobile tour will vary depending on the client’s budget, scope of program, and target audience for the brand. The tour could be as short as a couple weeks or as long as a few months and stretch across cities, states, and regions in the U.S.

An example of a shorter yet still hugely effective mobile tour was the KaBOOM! Play Together Tour, powered by Disney. Spanning six major markets across the country in less than two months, the tour was a pop-up event for the national nonprofit KaBOOM! designed to bring families together for a free play day.

On the other end of the spectrum, our Duck Tape Rolls Across America tour visited over 120 cities over the course of four years. The program introduced new Duck Tape designs to enthusiasts all over the country and inspired consumers with creative activities.


Premiums and Samples

Hoover DamPremiums and samples are another important facet of engaging with the consumers in your pop-up activation. What do you want the consumers to walk away with that will encourage them to take action and be a champion for your brand? It could be anything from t-shirts to keychains to phone cases to sports equipment and more. It all depends on your brand and the message you want consumers to take home.

Or do you just want to serve them a sweet treat on site while they learn more information about your brand? Such as the HTC Incredible Treat Truck, which distributed ice cream treats to consumers while they engaged with demos and collateral about the new phones.


We’d love to discuss all these facets of a great mobile tour with you to ensure your brand truly resonates with your target audience in local and fun events. Over the course of our twenty-plus year history, we’ve been executing mobile tours expertly the Pro Motion way. We develop our Mobile Marketing Tours from scratch, and work from the ground up to deliver results at a budget that meets your needs.

EngagementWant more examples of mobile tours Pro Motion has executed?